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Custom Tailoring

There’s no comparison between custom-made suits and those purchased off the sale rack. In the latter situation, wearers must tug on and squirm into suits that may be tweaked with department store alterations, but aren’t custom-designed to their bodies and build. Joseph’s expertise allows him to do just the opposite: with painstaking detail, he designs suits that are as unique as the people wearing them.

Joseph’s “bread and butter” is designing a suit just for you, but he’s also available to make alterations to men’s and women’s suits purchased elsewhere. Once you see the quality of his work, you’ll be a convert for life.


What Clients Say

Thank you once again for the amazing job you did on the suit you chose for me. I’m thoroughly impressed with the fit, and the style is perfect! The sense of pride and power I feel while I’m wearing it is matched only by the feeling I getwhen I put on my Marine Dress Blue uniform. Your expertise and professionalism are unmatched. Thank you again for all your support and generosity.”

Sgt. David Meinhold, USMC

Joseph Cortese has been performing custom tailoring services and providing me a with custom suits since 1999. I can state with confidence that Joseph is the best tailor I have ever used and is arguably the best tailor in San Diego County. As an attorney, it’s important for me to appear polished and professional. I know when I’m wearing one of Joseph's suits, I’m always putting my best foot forward. His workmanship and attention to detail is unparalleled. I can recommend Joseph with the utmost confidence to anyone who’s interested in looking their best.

Debra Hurst, Hurst & Hurst

What a suit. I feel like a very well dressed man in my new tailor-made pinstriped custom suit. Little did I know how many years of your knowledge and experience went into the effortless way you discussed the available fabrics, design, and cut, and the diplomatic way you took the measurements and discussed the fit. The result: a fine wool suit of a weight suitable for year-round wear in San Diego, a suit with cut and finish for today but a timeless quality that will mark it as a classic for years to come. I look good and feel great in the best suit I've ever worn.

Roger Hedgecock, KOGO News Radio Personality

Why Custom Tailoring?

Natural Materials

Feel the comfort of perfect fit clothes & natural materials.


We provide various tailoring services with experience.

Unique Design

We create unique clothes according to your taste only.

Individual Approach

To every client with every order by a true devotion.